When I decided to relaunch LYD I was hesitant to change my logo, because it was created and designed by my long time beautiful and talented friend Arlene. She was an artist and sculpture and owner of a small business in which she designed and created letter pressed invitations and stationary. On a whim, she created my business cards for me. Back then, I had never dreamed I would start a jewelry business. For me, it was just a creative outlet. Once it finally became a reality, her logo and business name just seemed to be the right fit.

While working on my revamp of LY Designs, I knew deep down it was time to refresh my logo. After all, I've changed as a person in so many ways and my business has certainly shifted tremendously as well. While working with Sugar Butter Designs, I was feeling resistant to the idea of the new logo. How could I change what my friend Arlene created for me? How could i honor her work now that she has passed?

I honestly couldn't be happier with what Elena and Sugar Butter Designs came up with. It is a completely different design but she actually captured a piece or Arlene with her new creation. You see, Arlene loved tiny birds. If there was a plate or a piece of art with a bird etched on it, she owned it. She even had salt and pepper shakers that were birds! When Elena sent me the logo samples, my first thought was how did she know? I don't remember ever having a conversation about birds? Did I? No, I didn't. Elena had no idea. That's when I knew, I was no longer unsure of my decision. Arlene had given me her blessing! 

Miss you my sweet Arlene. Every single day!


"Cherish forever what makes you unique, 'cuz you're really a yawn if it goes"-Bette Midler

The definition of unique is "being the only one of its kind, unlike anything else"

Oh how i love this definition! It just seems to resonate so well for me at this time in my life and especially with LYD's new facelift! For me personally, I had been lost, not sure of which direction I should go with my singing and designing. I was just there, going through the motions, not making any big waves.

When my son arrived over a year ago, I realized something needed to change. I couldn't let my dreams and creativity just waste away, I was better then that, and I wanted my son to be proud of his mama one day. What i did discover in my soul searching was that I AM unique and different and I am learning to embrace them good and bad. And the best part is that my dreams that had been put on hold, whether because of fear or uncertainty are not starting to make waves!

Most importantly as a designer, I realized what my jewelry means to me as an artist. How I want to share and inspire the everyday woman. I will always cherish what makes me unique because let's face it, who wants to be a bore?

While finishing my first line of 2015 I realized how cohesive it became, with the oval shaped metal pieces, either carefully linked together with wire or chain and the use of tiny beads that were sometimes either the focal point or just filled in the gaps. I loved the unique connections they created and how they seem to merge together. After discovering this quote, it dawned on me how I am finally connecting the dots in life, one unique step at a time.

What's your connection? What makes you unique!?